Unrivaled versatile storing range !

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Description & technical specifications :

Greatest modularity

● Shelves can be modulated super easily

Smart finish and nice ergonomy

● Professional good looking
● Design with the utmost consideration !

Optimized and rugged design

● Great stability
● Built-in backstorage for small cans !

Smart fine tuning kits

● Numerous optimal kits to suit special demands perfectly

Technical specifications

● Racks fitted with 6 storage shelves minimum (aluzinc made to ease cleaning operations)
● Accomodate with cans or bottles (located on shelves or hung by slot brackets)
● All shelves are designed with back storage capacity (for small-sized cans or bottles, one row at the back)
● Combo solutions with both mixing and storing shelves can be also considered
● Racks are available in 4 sizes :

60  – 120 – 160 – 220
* For sizes : 120-160 & 220

Atex version: